Insanity of the Sane!

How eerie is this silent death,

When sighs of anguish are heard by Him,

And a soul travels from here to there,

And there ye bring in your memory,

A place where thy Lord took a vow,

Which was solely destined for thee?

And you know that how completely…;

You got trapped, in a self made trap,

When ye took a burden with so called fame,

By fear of which the mountains dispersed,

In tiny grains by His fear,

But ye O man! Are so brave,

By the choice of a task you took for a throng,

How unbearable it is for you,

For the arms are curved;

Out of air,

And so when there your soul shall return,

In peace and calm ye experienced never,

In the life you lead in brief sojourn!

– Engr. Namra Khurshid


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