Arabic – The Divine Language

“Arabic?”, she repeated after me.

I nodded.

“Why in the world are you studying Arabic?”, she said ruthlessly pushing back the three legged chair and standing on her feet.

“Because it will let me comprehend Qur’an easily…”, watching her taking small steps as she go about completing the routine tasks I almost back fired.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymmiyah (May Allaah have mercy on him) said: “The Arabic language is the symbol of Islam and its people.” (Iqtida’ al-Siraat al-Mustaqeem, 1/519)

Learning phonetics and exegesis of Qur’an and the linguistics of Arabic are three prime elements for comprehending the gems of Qur’an. One cannot think of mastering one step and thinking that he/she has commanded whole of the essence of Qur’an. With this the meaning of Quran cannot be donned in one’s mind.

The key to seek the sacred knowledge is underlaid in the laborious strides of delving oneself in the layers of Arabic. When it comes to how to pronounce the kalmaahs of Qura’n there is one basic rule to learn: Arabic pronunciation of the letters along with their corresponding phonetic rules. When it comes to learn the exegesis of Qur’an the prime rule is: Equipping oneself to learn every chronicle behind the 1400 years old ayahs scripted in the sacred book of Allaah, that too with the aid of Arabic. Learning Arabic is the only way that can device a living mind think on the paradigm of sacred scripture. It must bring shame that we may lend hours and hours validating the theory of relativity, Bernoulli’s equation and Archimedes’ principle yet we fail to actually read the translations of Arabic text written below any ayah that we may read. They become illegible and we become illeterate.

Is that the truth? Oh I forgot the heart wrenching truth is that we d onot open the Qur’an these days.

Just think for a moment, the 114 sacred chapters are what our Lord has bequeath us with. It is amanah. We need to learn it. We need to memorise the exegesis.

Below is a short list of Arabic language course to learn by some of the institutions around the world.

Corpus Quran

Corpus Qur’an is an Arabic language project designed immaculately by the research group of University of Leeds. I find it truly amazing. It gives you a complete undrstanding of each letter found in Qur’an with the language category it falls within. It is completely free! Alhamdulilaah.

Shariah Program

I have not dealt with Shariah program directly for Arabic but I do have their subscription. People give quite positive feed back for them. Also note it is a charged program.

Intensive Arabic Program of IOU

Intensive Arabic Program of Islamic Online University is one that I am currently enrolled in. The program enlightens on speaking,listening, reading and basic Arabic conversation skills in a rigorous 2 year diploma course. I find it very beneficial alhamdulilaah. IOU is an accredited virtual university and nothing beats the comfort of studying at home with all the study material on your finger tips. Alhamdulillaah.

Bayyinah Dream Program

Bayyinah’s Dream program is widely known (who could not have heard of it?) and taught by Brother Nauman Ali Khan. This is a ninth month Arabic study making general minds on the notch of speaking Arabic bi-idhnillaah.

Serous Arabic 

Founded by Imam Zia Sheikh. Serious Arabic seems an excellent source of Arabic language. Do count it amongst the listed resources.

Lets begin our strive from today.

Barakallaahu Feekum.


5 thoughts on “Arabic – The Divine Language

  1. Assalamualaikum i sister by now i assume u already end your IAP IOU course and i want feedbacks from you like how are you now?? Does the course benefit you now?? Like can u actually talk fluently and also listen to arabic preachers??


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