Musings of the Soul

She had only this point. She said it again while I was indulged in my mantle.

“Close your eyes.”

“You cannot change it.”

I barely listened to her. Why had I closed my eyes?! Could I really not change it?!


We are strange people. We fear pain and wounds. We fear of losing. We fear of falling down and not being able to rise again.We need fun and amusement , it hardly effects us that our hearts are gripped by the worldly locks and shackles. It is dead and therefore our soul. We have been turned into maniacs of materialism. All these bings, bangs, tweets, likes , pins etcetera and these media glitches welcome our every morning and we barely remember to pay even our Qadha prayer, barely morning angels come to our doorsteps. And it does not effect us. Our utter animosity goes to those who in our competition to win. Hurt and we go to lengths to signify that everything was right from atleast our end. Terrified and we pace to try choosing other options. Remember solace only is given by the ultimate Healer , Allah. The ultimate Qadir. It is His world and whatever happens , is happened because He alone has written it for you in Loh-e-Mahfooz (the book of fate). What is the point of not being His servant? His Muslim?  Closing eyes (read ignorant to surroundings) would not change anything. Facing things would surely keep us abreast with the reality. And in reality we “live”, it is in it that we “feel”, we “realise” and we “rectify”.


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