Not a Word Less; Not a Word More

I was approached by people asking as why I do not complain? And how I of all the people can silently brush of the negativeness and still yet manage to continue (read: survive).  My response is below:

Psychology of the Sown Seed

As an striving Muslim woman I know what I have chosen for myself. What pathway I am treading on. This is for Allah’s sake, and if it is for Allah’s sake then who the little-unworthy-creature am I to utter a word against? Secondly, I chose the decision of compliant of Allah’s task so there is no reason to say anything. IF it is a worldly task, then again I  have chosen it in full day light’s consciousness. And nobody “pressurized” , nor can anyone,  and none will ask me to adhere or detach myself to that. It is entirely our own decision. Allah ta’ala says in Qur’an:

“And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives.”

(Suratun Najm:39)

If it is in the boundaries as marked by the religion and if it is not , and we are in those whirling turbulence suffering in days of turmoil , no not in the deeni sense, rather in the slaughtering worldly tasks sense – I know you understand friend. Then ofcourse it is time. It is time to change our trade. It is time to make a result for the road not taken. The world is big yet a better place, because it doesnot confine to my own will and decision, this belongs to Allah. And it does not stop , it does not cease t o grow, each day He alone brings rizq sustenance to my doorstep. Each day I have reasons to bow my head in sujud and in between those days the sun shines right above me saying Allah has blessed us with another day so I must repent before the dusk befalls. And it is therefore we must turn return if we have wronged ourselves.

Silence vs Compassion

Our silence must not be wronged for surrendering or patience of a destitute. No.

A billion times out of the gazillion moments need overthinking, where and how should you proceed. Are you responding as per Allah’s guided mode? He says to hold arguments and teaching as per the interpretation of the Qur’anic verse in which He says teach the infidels with wisdom and beautiful teachings. With sound justifications.

A good moral character is your sword in good and adverse times. It helps in most unbelievable situations through Allah’s mercy. If someone is silent it does not mean that he/she is rather suffering from morbid depression but there are under laying reasons for it. It can be out of meditation or prevention of disputes. A proactive approach also helps in preventing disputes and arguments. One can also choose options of amending and providing solutions. And a little overload work in the relevant field in order to expand the spectrum of analysis can suffice and can prevent what earlier was a disastrous situation to nearly a tolerable square. Things fix because of contemplation and analysis. Our proper heed can just complete the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Bowing to Allah

Allah has blessed us with nth blessings. And His praised is exponentially required, if one truly understands what it means to relish His blessings he/she then could no longer utter a word in complain. Can anybody think of complaining His master? This is the same.


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