The Faith Keepers

I found the Islamic practices of theirs quite…umm… suffocating.  I mean what they are doing in the name of Islam.’’ I listened contently.

Well, you would not find it suffocating because … sigh.”

She said casually. I gulped each word moment by moment.


Infuriating. No? Peace. This is called a combination of assumption and allegation casually put. Refrain from it, I tell you.

My dear, Allah Ta’ala has made our deen His way and we are obliged to comply by His way therefore. Islam is a decree and years long way for how should I particularly deal with my everyday discourses seeking His pleasure. It is NOT by any means , mark it my dear, suffocating. What is suffocating? Is wearing Hijab and veil suffocating for you? Is spending some extended hours for the nation suffocating for you? Then I doubt why does these people converted to Islam, in the first place. Do they feel suffocating? Having chucked all fervent fantasies of the West. Who are the actual fools here? I would not be judgemental here because that is not my Job it is His [1] but I would like to direct your attention towards Allah’s commandments , they are for your own good.

The so called fascist and liberal society of today does not actually “liberate” you of the materialistic “suffocating” social memes and norms. Society today has delved its roots into Earth’s core of nudist methodologies. It runs after things deprived of spiritual cascade and enfolds around wisdom free mortal luxuries. It soothingly slumbers on to the pillow of nationalism where religion is not followed where whether you suffocate or not because of the not-so-religious theologies is not her duty to cater. Can you breath in that atmosphere? To be honest I cannot and therefore I “choose” to remain aloof from these so-called-liberal approaches.

I remember the stance of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ  on this, he said [2]:

This world is the prison of the believers and the paradise of the unbelievers.

In the aforementioned Hadis Muhammed ﷺ refers to believer and not any ordinary third person. A believer is one whose faith encompass that which is Haq the truth and he therefore is contented with whatever good and ways Allah has commanded. In His pleasure lies his contentment, in His wrath lies his affirmation. He is not ordinary. He who is surviving all this “suffocating” memes is a decreed and a chosen one. Hard bound faith. To call people towards Allah’s deen. We as Muslims must give respect and not mock them.

He Muhammed ﷺ  said at another place that for a believer the world is an inn. Signifying its short period of time. The world for a believer is a prison. But then are not we here surpassing the test?

1-  Is not Allah the most just of judges? (Suratut Teen:8)

2- Narrated by Muslim


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