Annual Islamic Conference 2015: Religion & Rationality

Religion and Rationality –AIC 15



“ [And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return [your] vision [to the sky]; do you see any breaks? Then return [your] vision twice again. [Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued.”

(Suratul Mulk: 3-4)

Pakistan is a country with majority Muslim population.The test of proving Islam as a logical and rational religion on fitrah– nature’s design is real for the 1.8 Billion Muslims of the world, we all must grow the seedling that resides in our minds in a lush green tree of surety and belief that God, Allah is there.  Seemingly catchy but actually a thwarting practicality that is on rise majorly in the most developed regions of the world. The annual Islamic conference this year was based on the theme Religion and Rationality. Hitting the very notion of how to address the believers who do not-believe on God. The conference was organised by Iqra Society of Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, Pakistan. The theme was designed to make the youth acknowledge the ways of how to deal with these critical pains in the contemporary times. Abdul Wahab Suri [1], Brother Saad Mehmood [2], Molana Muhammed Ghani [3], Shujauddin Sheikh [4] and Brother Adnan Rashid [5] were the notable speakers hailing from the sides of Karachi, Islamabad and London to acquaint the audience with the theoretical and practical steps of its hows and whys.

Abdul Wahab Suri discussed how to respond to our inability to judge pure reason. He joked that we had made it that far to learn from him as how should we use our mind? We should right away if we have one! He explained the philosophical theories of Kant and Hegel. He said if we really want to see God and challenge whether he really does exist out there, then we must first believe from start that He is there and then we will be able to apply our knowledge in recognising Him.  He said rationality does not come handy in every worldly aspect, this he explained with the notion that humans tend to do things out of non-in rationality too, they do some tasks on opportunity costs but still they follow their hearts to do that. As he was there speaking to us while his academic report suffered in its entirety.

Brother Saad Mehmood was the second speaker in line, a graduate of Astrophysics he related Astrophysics with the existence of God. While speaking on the topic whether believing on God is delusion he discussed the idea that something that is able to create a phenomenal change is bound to exist and this is a matter of a believing heart. In science we really do have to assume certain things to prove them in relation with others. He went far to explain it from a demonstration that he performed on the stage, he said that we should suppose that he wanted to kill a person and in killing him his head asked him to wait so that said he could go and take permission from his head, and then his head from his head and the chain continues. It results in nothing in actual so we must adhere to the base first. He shed light on the universe’s nothingness as argued countless times that how can nothing can breed nothing? “The notion is absurd”, he said. He cleared on queries such as: Can God create something that He himself cannot lift it? Or is it possible for God to create a circle with 4 sides? It represents that the questioner just baffles around the question as he seems to accept and reject God at the same time so obviously the flaw is in the questions itself. Shujauddin Sheikh insisted that it was a must to implement shariah- classical Islamic, laws in public sphere. Brother Adnan Rashid talked on Islam and rationality , he talked about the golden age Muslims spent when we were the successors of the world (we are budding again though Alhamdulillah!) and the modern inventions are the result of our forefathers.

The need is to become dhi ‘aqal ponder on the words of Allah and manifest our secular knowledge to lead us in the actual laid paths of the world of Allah recognition.


[1] Dr. Abdul Wahab Suri is the Associate Professor in Philosophy Department at Karachi University.

[2] Brother Saad Mahmood is a thinker, blogger and a graduate of Astro-Physics from Queen Mary University,London.

[3] Molana Ahmed Ghani is an Islamic scholar. He has studied from LUMS and Karachi University. He teaches at The Intellect School.

[4] Shujauddin Sheikh teaches at Qur’an Academy and is a student of renowned Islamic scholar Israr Ahmed.

[5] Adnan Rashid is a research fellow at Hittin institute. He is a poet, thinker, researcher and a historian.


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