Thought of the Day#3: Understanding the Power of Supplication


I was offering Salatul ‘Asr [1] when my little nephew called me. It was obvious I could not quite quit the prayer and respond to his call.

Adda?”, He called me again.

I was merely melting with his cry each time he lovingly called me only to receive a response for once.

Adda”? And he continued calling me. I still did not move.

And then he called without pausing: “adda, adda, adda, adda ,adda , adda???”

That same moment the voice of my little nephew calling me replaced with one realisation: How Allah listens to our cry when we call to Him.

I am not his mother but if it is that difficult for me to ignore his calling out to me I can completely fathom how it had be for his mother (my sister) who undoubtedly loves him more than I do (universal truth, without justification). And then how it can be that Allah subhan wa ta’ala can leave us completely alone in the dark times of our lives when we silently pray to Him? When in the difficult times of our lives we call to Allah while weeping, crying and sighing taking His sifati names from our bare tongues and call him to ease out our pain. How can it be that He ignores our cry?

Perhaps we can never understand the love of Allah as in the homo sapiens minds of ours. It is infinite and eternal. He is Ar-Rahmaan – the most merciful.

[1] The middle, third prayer out of the obligatory 5 Islamic prayers


5 thoughts on “Thought of the Day#3: Understanding the Power of Supplication

  1. So true. As a mom of a todler I also experience kicks in sajood! At times I feeled anoyed and try to discipline him for his own good. Thats when I recollect hardiships in my life. They were probable aflicted upon me to bring the best out of me.

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    • Jazaakillah Haya for reading the article. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

      It is amazing , isn’t it? My nephew rests on my back in sujood and I wait until he gets himself off. Kids teach us many things and our reflections on it are necessary for our own good. May Allah SWT ease out your ways. ameen.


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