‘‘Now which side should I turn to?’’ the black veiled man asked monotonously.

‘‘Drive straight ahead and I will handle the rest. ’’ the other man responded menacingly.


Ashfaq Ahmed. Age: 60. Male. Sole bearer of his family, offered dhuhr prayers on a fine Monday afternoon.  Just after  the congregational prayer he headed towards a nearby tandoor to buy roti for lunch as his wife had asked him to. Things were normal till then when he spotted a motor bike carrying two strange faces. Both veiled—revealing only two pairs of cold eyes—firmly holding Kalashnikovs in hands. Several  shots were heard just then, killing people with ingenious effort. The crowd scattered. He could see blood splattered around him. Helplessly he remained at his place, glued to the ground. Unsure of which way to flee, his foots ushered him to the paths leading his home.

Heaving sighs of relief he fell on the living room sofa, cursing under his breath. ‘‘These reprobates ! Why the *** did I even go out?! May God…’’


Welcome to Pakistan. No wonders. A mundane happening it is. [These days it’s a lot better though, Alhamdulillah!]

What? No, I would not make your mind itch with our creeping shariah practices and the halal and harams on the afore mentioned incident.

But I am here to let you realise and remind of your inner charishma. Your inner serene emotion called “hope”.

I know, The Pakistan in which we live today is certainly not what Sir Muhammed Iqbal dreamt of and what Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought independence for. We complain and we criticize, and in this whole phenomena we forget that we are losing hold on faith and hope which is the pivot element. (Yes. This is one grave issue) We have been turned into an state of hopelessness and inferiority complex. Hopeless from our army and from our government; inferiority complex when it comes to defend our country in front of the narcissist and more technological advanced nations of the Europe specifically. It accelerates anxiety, worry and tension. Do not exchange dialogues ; be a man of action! Condemn if things prevail against goodness but do not hold on to the point that you undermine or decline the favours of Allah Subhaan Wa Ta’ala on you. Everyday we wake up in the morning; a chance to do more good deeds, we eat to our fill alhamdulilaah, we have shelter for our security, we can perform our religious obligations,we teach,we seek knowledge so on and so forth. Much of a blessing indeed. Remember whatever is happening around is part of the big exam made by Allaah Ta’ala. He knows from his qadr what wisdom it beholds. We Muslims believe that one day Islam will prevail but before that day Allaah Ta’ala has asked us to steer our strong intentions into actions. To become warriors of Islaam. To help spreading goodness with the hurdles of evil nevertheless. Recall the meeting of Hazrat Musa A.S with Hazrat Khizr A.S. Were you able to guess why did Hazrat Khizr A.S  removed the ledge of the ship or why did he kill that young boy or why he reconstructed the wall when the people refused to feed him? It was a display of Allaah’s hikmah. On similar horizon clear your vision—all happen by Allaah’s will and accepting it is one of the prime needs of faith.

Think of things that you can do so that the society around you can be worth living, ask yourself:

  • How can I benefit the Ummah with the knowledge that I have?
  • What have I done today that benefits those around me?
  • Am I increasing my religious and professional knowledge?
  • How I can attain spiritual nourishment?

Does not matter who you are, an engineer, a doctor, a surgeon, a media professional, a finance expert, writer, a graphic designer and so-on and so forth but what does matter is that how YOU make YOURSELF a part of global betterment with respect to Islam. Because on the resurrection Allah is surely going to ask us (read: ask me). We will resume our jihad against evil and will grasp hope because it was hope and faith that Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed Razi Allaahu Anhum fought in Battle of Yarmook with 59 Muslims against 60,000 Non-Muslims and managed a splendid victory! That Tariq Bin Ziyad burnt his ships on Gibralter. Again it was the firm faith that made upright rulers like Noor-ud-din Zangi .That Muslims of sub-continent in the most dire circumstances (the same circumstances we are facing today) made this pure piece of land. Pakistan. It is from us and we are from it and I will be asked for my part on the resurrection.


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