Ramadan Special : Turn to Allah – Redemption 2015

I remember last year in 2014, Al-Midrar institute took the pleasure of organizing the Turn to Allah series in Ramadan. As a full time practicing engineer , it was the best way to equip myself with the spiritual conduit just before Iftar. Releshing the spiritual feed before we could embark for the bodily one. For those of us who could not quite make it to the main body in DHA, Karachi. Al-Midrar did the courtesy of arranging it to air on their Channel and managed a well system of taking our questions, feedbacks and responding them. The lectures were free of charge. Zero cost. Online streaming of the Turn to Allah series was available for the local and the international interested listeners. Sounds great? The experience was amazingly lovable! I cherished listening to lectures each day by the esteemed Teacher Shaikh Atif Butt.

Yes They are back this year as  well !

The institute has arranged the Redemption: Turn to Allah series sequel for Ramadan 2015 as well. This year there will be number of speakers (as opposed to last year) and the lectures will be conducted at 3 different locations in Karachi! Yes!

I am really looking forward to it. Check the flyer and their Face Book page for more details.


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