Thought of the Day: STEM vis-a-vis Liberal Arts

I lay stress on the kind of Islamic scholarship that we need today. Gone are the days when your MBA/Doctorate/BE hold significance to the world. Now you have to have become competent in not only STEM but the liberal arts as well. For which you run to institutes for part time courses. Islam teaches you these simply. The origin of which is Qur’an and Hadith sciences. Do we really understand the harms our next generation will be faced to?
The scholarship in which one has already spent a good amount of time in society’s soaring academies and have developed the sense of serving the deen. That kind of scholarship, in which one then moves to learn the multiple facets of the traditional Islamic sciences in a typical madarasa set-up (because if you really want to study deen it will forever and ever be sought from its origins) and then works on bridging the two sciences to better represent Islam to the world. These are the scholars that we need today. Whether it is Pakistan, USA, Britain, Malaysia or Indonesia so on and so forth.


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