What Kind of Chapter Will You Write?

Written By Haroon Moghul

By building ever larger institutions, non-profits, regional religious federations, and promoting cooperation between the democracies of the West, you can (and you must) model a new form of Muslim unity, one which enables Muslims to pool their resources without setting them at odds with each other, or holding one another hostage to mutually exclusive claims. That can be your answer, your way forward, your way of empowering your community, and your country.

Why, after all, would Western Muslims pursue a narrative that set Islam and the West at odds?

I hope, if you can, that you go to the Alhambra in Spain, or the Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque in Bosnia. Not just because these are proofs of Islam’s long history in the West, but because they will give you hope. You may see times far worse than these. In those dark days, remember those places. Remember who built them.

In 1258, the Mongols destroyed Baghdad. It was, perhaps, the nadir of Islamic civilization. But the Alhambra, and Husrev Beg’s mosque, were built after 1258. The story of Islam has its bright chapters, and its dim chapters, but there is no single direction to our narrative. Read, God commands. In order that you may write.

What kind of chapter will you write?


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