Thought of the Day: Our Relation with Allah SWT

“Because once fallen, you will be stronger in faith unleashing spirituality and off from the bare materialism.” She said.
I listened. She then added:
“It works the way it worked for the Alchemist you know.”
We have relations with people and then we have relation with Him. Our relation with the people is characterised solely by our relation with our lord Allah SWT. The more honest with Allah we are ; the more sincere we will be in return in our dealing with His creation. That was it when the Meccans entitled Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) with the honorable titles of Al-Saadiq and Al-Amin, even though the pagan Arab initially did not believe the Islamic ideology the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be Upon Him) presented. It was remarkable. The trust worthiness vouched because of the devotion he carried with regard to Allah SWT.
We have to dig hard for the sincerity of our bonding with Him. It is about realizing our being first in order to have a pure connection with Him. You need to work on it right now, this moment, today, tomorrow and forever as long as you breathe. It’s a continuous process. And when it is continuous ; it might not necessarily be the most perfect one. It has its own see saws. It will fluctuate following the slopes of a parabolic graph reaching to maxima and then it may lower. Nevertheless it may restore and shoot high atop proportional to the cries of our prayers and the undefined depth of our struggles in His path for Him. You will see how everything is synced when we are synced with Him. When we know that our day did not go the most perfect one because our relation to Him was raw, that we missed our Fajr, that we knowingly neglected ‘Asr and that we were too tired to offer ‘Isha. It is the flaw that makes us realize the flaw in our beings. The holes in our connectivity with Him. Our gratitude will teach us what went wrong where. Our humility has the power to unleash the hidden gem we carry in ourselves with regard to our spirituality. Because once fallen, you will be stronger in faith unleashing spirituality and off from the bare materialism.
Fall to rise again. The cocoon time is over.

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