Searching for the Rizq – My Du’a

O Rabb! I beseech before you to make me firm on my path. The dunya fascinates me whilst the qalb yearns for your remembrance. O Rabb! This be my endearing plea to protect me through the darkness and evils of the shayateen. O Lord of the universe and my Lord too! Hold me when I am most certain to fall. Hold me when I say the truth to them. Empower me with the Haqq in all the times and in all the phases of life. Be with me. Grant me the status of your beloved ones. The nafs yearns for this dunya, while the qalb enrages to pace away from this. Help me as I walk on to the road less travelled. O Allah I have failed you many times, but u have never failed to benefit me with your mercy. O Lord! I ask you to make me content with your decree and make me wise enough to apprehend the wisdom behind the matters as they disclose. O Rabb the sustainer and merciful of the most merciful! Grant permission to my affair. Make me firm on Iman. O Raziq! Grant me the rank of the righteous. Shed away the norms the you resent from me and enclose me with the might and magnanimity of the good acts. Deeds that you allow only your beloved. Make me one too My Rabb! O Rabbul ‘aalamin allow me to follow the sunnah and hold ties of your words. Allow me to refer to the sacred texts when calamity befalls. Allow me to be on haqq in front of the Pharoahs and  Antichrist. I fail you all the time O Wahhab! You love me 70 times more than Ammi, do not avert from me, don’t resent me. So long as you don’t stop progressing my spiritual entreat I don’t care. Be always the habib of mine. O lord in whose face all darkness is dispelled. O Noor-us-sammawati wal-ardh. Allow me that I pay the huquq of those you have entrusted me with. Allow me to hold the two ends of ropes, Quran and Sunnah. 

Allahuma ameen.


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