Thought of The Day: Why Allah Afflicts Us With Pain?

This life is irritated. Painful. Hurting. Cruel. Angst. And all synonyms associated.

But you know why Allah has decreed this as a nai’mah to us? So that we can learn all the ways to kneel down, bow to Him alone and practice worship to Him. He is the all worthy. I don’t know the best words. But He is the best. The human mind is the most boggling complex piece of neurotic multitude cells whose pathology for us is amazingly incomprehensible. The notions of “he said that” and “she said that” are excruciatingly bone smashing painful. It breaks us. It rips the soul apart. Piercing through the essence of the soul that we while this are stuck in a no where zone. The zone which leads to nowhere but Him. And that is the sole reason why Allah affixes us in the trials and tribulations. So that we learn by the easy or hard way (we choose that) the route of worshiping Him.

He is possessive regarding us. He wants that we in return love the Al-Wahhaab because the Al Wahhaab loves us. It is similar to the commonality as our parents are responsible for our basic necessities and upbringing and are possessive about us. Allah taala SWT is our omnipotent who goes gazillions steps to make things “kun” for us and Lo and behold our long hours of scratching our heads on His stage finally find light after the dark tunnel. O Lord of the universe make us firm on your divine path. Don’t make us astray of your path after finding you. This is just one way to look at the reason why Allah sends pain to us. Often it is pain that discloses the true nature of things before us. Wallahu ‘Alam.


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