Thought of the Day: Understanding Qina’ah

He just bought this gold set for you?


Nothing else?


Did you ask for something?

Ah…nope. I don’t need anything.

But why is she inquiring so much? I thought.


Human beings by nature are greedy. Greedy of love. Greedy of wealth. Greedy of knowledge (that’s quite rare though). Hastening all the while in these pursuits. So much so that we fail to recognize the eesence of halal in it and are even happy to pace for haram. When we know there would not be any barakah from Him in our haram pursuits. This is one aspect of greed. If we draw parallel vertical lines rooting from it we will find that greed in our daily affairs rips the essence of sabr, consistency and gratitude.

Who did gaze her long time while working on that global project in the 5 hour long meeting?

Why did you spend extra time at office with her behind your busy-order-details nags when there was none?

Why did you lie with the customer when originally the product did not cater the very contents he asked for?

Why did you praise your boss in front and sprawled all negativeness when he was not around?

Haraam money.

Haram relationships.

Haram sustenance ways.

Shun it. Please.

Allah loves you. He loves the struggle you undergo for every halal that you pace for. He loves your sincerity. Your earnest faith. Your cries in silence. Your heavy breaths when you call Him under the lips. He sees when everytime you let out a sheer cry from the depth of your heart pleading for acceptance of your deeds and increment of your rizq. He sees how you make your salah the pivot and revolve your life around it. Your daily routine around the five fixed meeting timings with Him. His angels make it a point to note all details when you go for riba free banking. When you extend your love to your parents and spouse for His sake alone. When you control your nafs that yearns for the so-much-pleasure your university friends talk about; the bings and bangs, the parties, the night clubbing and strip teasings. He hears you when you talk to yourself in transparency.

And remember…

With each of your effort that you pace for halal and shun haram, He bestows you the patience and steadfastness in imaan. The kind you have never really imagined earlier, this is His mercy, love and barakah.

Let’s pace to touch the finishing line of Al-Firdous together with qinayah and not greed, with struggle for the halal and shunning the haram. Ameen.




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