Under the Golden Veil – My ‘Aqd

Allahuma! I beseech before you in subjugation to ask the utmost blessings in this new relation. O Lord! You see what I cannot see and therefore I ask you to remove any foregoing obstructions there may be. O Rahman! You love when the Adam AS and Eve AS were created and when they resided in Jannah together, make us the coolness of each other as they were. Allow us to make the off-spring on the muslim path. Make us the soothing companions for each other as Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Khadijah RAA were to each other, allow me to represent the traits of Ayesha RAA, Aasiya AS , Maryam AS and Khadijah RAA – the women of Jannah. Give me the memory and dedication of Ayesha RAA on the path of knowledge, the strength and love of Khadija RAA, the strength to say the truth like Aasiyah RAA in the face of oppression and the tazkiyah of Maryam AS. O Malik! Grant permission to my affairs…Hold me when I fall prey to the evils of shayateen, remove from us all the harms. Allow me to be a representation of Qulu Qaulan sadeeda. O Lord of the universe and my Lord too! You are magnificent and the most merciful, you know more than the zillion iotas running in my life, you know who am I, how I have reached to thee and how I stumble when I walk to you… O my guardian! Prevent me to spread any harm, forgive my grave sins, and make me benefit with thy knowledge necessary. I seek refuge from riya in deeds above anything and beseech for the grant of sincerity in them. Make me like Ayesha RAA when she walked on the path of knowledge and make my taqwa as that of Rabia Basri…

O Wahhab! We are in need of your love and mercy all the while, grant us the same. I complain to you of my worldly weakness and the scarcity of my resources and the humiliation that I have been subjected each time I pace on your path. Make me steadfast even more. Make me the source of jannah for my parents. Make me gain knowledge from the blessed lands you have made my destiny. Sprout goodness from my qalb that may disseminate the light of thy scared knowledge to the masses. You have always taken my care in the bleak situations of my life and have made amazing ways out. O Raziq! Bring me the most blessed rizq and allow me to benefit from it now and ever as well.

Make us hold our hands to walk to your jannah while residing here in the inns of sirate mustaqim. Remembering you and fulfilling the due rights and responsibilities. Rabbana! Make us firm to never leave the two ends of rope i.e Quran and Sunnah.

Allahumma Ameen!


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