Thought of the Day: Understanding the trio of Hilm, Kindness & Mercy

Tears welled up her eyes. Red. Hot. Flowing. She looked down as if trying to find a way to brush the tears aside or at least hide them.

All in vain.

He watched her walking out. It all happened in the blink of an eye.


Kindness is a trait not many posses. We are guided by Allah SWT in all the cases of trials and tribulations, even in the most enraged ones. It is a state where what has been uttered may strengthen or weaken the relation with His beings. I am not understating the fact. However, we are His creation and it is therefore that the more I ponder the more I find that we manifest His qualities in some ways. No not with similar summits. We cannot ever. But in some tiny ways where we can at least give them the taste of what it means to show hilm, kindness and mercy.

It takes much courage to go beyond your comfort zone and talk with utmost sincerity and morals. Is that difficult? Nah! Requires only some sense of ikhlaq, doesn’t it? By Allah! We don’t think these matters. The most intricate ones. Forgive them often, do some sabr, go some extra mile to make them happy, gift them, tell them how you thought to buy that particular musk for them, how hard you pray for them, give them a occasional hug, pat them, place your hand around their shoulders, be the first to say salaam, pay them a visit, buy some flowers? Some chocolates? Ferrero is expensive, perks are not. 😀 Go ahead.

What goes around comes around. You will see how His help will manifest in your matters given that we cling to show these traits of hilm, kindness and mercy.

Allahumman-sur. Allahumma Ameen.


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