He said; La Tahzan!

This poem has been published in “The Intellect” magazine’s December January 2016 volume. Read the original here.

In the tunnel,

I tread,

Strong and up,

Bold and confident,

The darkness that unfolds,

Its mysteries to me

Toiling hard,

Labouring still,

The bats running …

All the time,

Past me,

Dangling us to the monsters and fears,

Of our past,

In the present,

Hovering on the future.

I see the light,

At the end

Why it seems so far?

Why cannot I see it…

From high atop?

O Rabb!

Where be thee?

Look inside

Says He,

I am here.

For I am always…

With the believers!

La tahzan!

Said the archangel,

I merrily,

Looked at him,

He said; “don’t worry”,

O Nafsul mutmainna! O  peaceful soul!

Enter in the kingdom of thy Lord mercy!

How gay, how gay!

I so became!

For travelling in the tunnel,

Does not matter now!

I see the light,

From high atop,

I look inside ,

And find Him,

All the time,

With me.

-Written By: Namra Khurshid


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