Thought of The Day: Understanding Mujahida

She walks gingerly to the glass table and tries to lift it up.

No A No! Don’t do that!” I yelled abruptly fearing the absolute occurrence of a dangerous attempt.

That’s my usual statement to my 3 year old niece.

Even with my periodic interruptions, she does not seem to care and be surprised. Does not seem to be touched at all. She would steadily walk and enact the same thing after few seconds of pause without fear and resistance no matter how hard it is; as if dodging me, again and again.

This is remarkable, is not it?

How does she do that?

I often think how special this quality is. That’s the thing Allah SWT wants from us. To move in His path for the ‘amar bil maroof to make the nahi ‘anil munkar possible. It’s hard as we grow old, for we are tired of the verbal jabs, judgmental stares, non verbal expressions, hostile treatment and insurmountable peer pressure. It’s easy to go with the flow of the provided tantrums, it’s difficult to go against the tides. But I always think Allah SWT wanted Moses to cross the sea and thus He bestowed Him with the courage to walk in the sea, and the utmost trust won him and his nation’s refuge. By Allah! Is He in whose name we live. It’s He who puts in us His own trust that we have nothing to hold on except Him.

His trust. Our imaan.

Allah wants me to be like A.

She’s small in every possible dimension, however she is so strong in her moral. Strethened. Determined. Passionate. (So what if that’s in the most naughtiest tasks she do? :p)

It’s like I have found another mentor to confide in.


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