The Essence of Hajj

With feeble hearts
worn out feet
We stumble
In thy path
For the intent
That is made
For the call
That is said
For the piety
That is emblazed
We stumble
In thy path
Our camp
That is distant…
At the site of Mina
With crowd of guests
For thy mercy
We ask
We stumble
In thy path
We meet thee
At yaoum ul arafah
And beseech
For your forgiveness
We stumble
In thy path
At the jamrah
We pelted
Your hated one
We stumble
In thy path
We turn to you
For the sacrifice
O Allah!
And you know
We stumble
In thy path
We circumambulate
But you
We stumble
In thy path!

Who be Thee?

You fear Him
There is distress
You let Him loose
When you are
O man!
Who be thee
To forget
His essence ?


Holding Onto Allah’s Rope

The problem begins when we let loose,

From our very hands,

His rope,

For it is the prime of our sojourn,

The two strands of the rope are metaphor for,

The Qur’an and the sunnah

Never does He want us to go astray,

For letting loose the strands means going off-ward…

When the off ward is the evil bequeath

O I remember on the big day of Dhul Hijjah

1400 years ago,

Amidst the adults’ folk!

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,

Hold behind me two things,

The Qur’an and the Sunnah.

The gems of our travel

In this dunia!


He said; La Tahzan!

This poem has been published in “The Intellect” magazine’s December January 2016 volume. Read the original here.

In the tunnel,

I tread,

Strong and up,

Bold and confident,

The darkness that unfolds,

Its mysteries to me

Toiling hard,

Labouring still,

The bats running …

All the time,

Past me,

Dangling us to the monsters and fears,

Of our past,

In the present,

Hovering on the future.

I see the light,

At the end

Why it seems so far?

Why cannot I see it…

From high atop?

O Rabb!

Where be thee?

Look inside

Says He,

I am here.

For I am always…

With the believers!

La tahzan!

Said the archangel,

I merrily,

Looked at him,

He said; “don’t worry”,

O Nafsul mutmainna! O  peaceful soul!

Enter in the kingdom of thy Lord mercy!

How gay, how gay!

I so became!

For travelling in the tunnel,

Does not matter now!

I see the light,

From high atop,

I look inside ,

And find Him,

All the time,

With me.

-Written By: Namra Khurshid

I Grieve.

Written By: Yasmin Mogahed

I lifted my head

Once more

Only to see

The sun had set,

The trees had slept,

And they’d all gone home

I grieve.

The sky that was clear

is now covered with fog.

My path, I no longer see.

Why try…when it’s all so gray?

I grieve.

Today I grieve

For what’s been lost.

My forgotten people,

still on their knees

before a snow god in spring

I grieve.

They’ve forgotten that prayer

And to whom they should call.

The Essence replaced

by mundane ritual,

empty symbols.

Their hearts… so tired,

jaded and worn

I grieve.

We are a people

defeated…but not conquered.

And somehow

I feel my blood return.

I will stand.

I will try.

And from beyond my grief,

I will see…

There are a people you can’t enslave.

A loyalty…you can’t buy.

For a land may be occupied…

but never a soul.

From beyond my tears

I’ll understand…

Today my people weep.

But tomorrow…Death will die,

as their tears give birth to a land

where…“on them shall be no fear

nor shall they grieve” (2:262).

What if We Exchange Love For Hate?

What if We Exchange Love For Hate?

What if we exchange love for hate?
In our mighty hearts.
What if we forgive for once?
Those vile words of hate.
Forgive my friend…
It’s sure heart breaking and cutting throat
But pause for once ,
And think,
What if we forever remain honest?
To ourselves,
What if we remain faithful to Him.
In the name of blessings He has bestowed us with?
It may change the angles of our thoughts.
For once.

So what if we exchange love for hate?
The world be an eden,
With people Strolling,
Laughing and talking,
Like brethren,
As if His truth has spread,
Far and wide,

In it I find,
The perfection of humanity
In the lush of eden,
The angst and virility
Is not there anymore.
What there remained would be love
With angels stating,
Peace on you!
For He himself sends peace on you!
How perfect is the promise of my Lord!
So what if we exchange love for hate?
Qaulum min Rabbir Rahim!


He Knoweth All

He saved you from fire,

When you were near to it

And He knoweth all,

While you not.

The sadness overpowers you,

The smashing pain hurts,

‘Cause He prepares you for life’s calamaties

And He knoweth all,

While you not.

And there is a plan that you plan

And there is a plan that He plans

And what realises is His one

And He knoweth all,

While you not.

Tis’ a strategy He makes,

That  for us is unforeseen,

And the labyrinth will soon be solved

And He knoweth all,

While you not.

The thick and thin demarcates

The treasures of thy sojourn

Hold onto those loyals

He saved you from fire

When you were near to it

And He knoweth all,

While you not.