Holding Onto Allah’s Rope

The problem begins when we let loose,

From our very hands,

His rope,

For it is the prime of our sojourn,

The two strands of the rope are metaphor for,

The Qur’an and the sunnah

Never does He want us to go astray,

For letting loose the strands means going off-ward…

When the off ward is the evil bequeath

O I remember on the big day of Dhul Hijjah

1400 years ago,

Amidst the adults’ folk!

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,

Hold behind me two things,

The Qur’an and the Sunnah.

The gems of our travel

In this dunia!



Protecting Our Yousuf

This post has been taken from my best friend’s blog. Jazakillahul khair dear H.

“Our soul is very beautiful, pious and pure but we want to make it ugly, tainted and impure, that’s why we treat it in a manner step brothers of Yousuf(A.S) treated him.”

“By considering it as an enemy of ours we throw it in the well, or sell at a very cheap price in a market of Egypt and neglect the full reality that what is the importance of this soul in our life. It has to face difficulties just because of us; sometimes in a detention of an undone sin it has to suffer for many years.”

“It’s just our Heart that curses us for losing our Yousuf. We suppress its voice but it’s not always easy. In life, sometimes a moment comes while walking we are stricken and get down, can not restore ourselves, just then the feeling of missing something inside-out holds its roots very deeply. And so, our heart reminds us by screaming loudly that unconsciously, we have disguised our own selves”.

“Telling lies, cheating people, being dishonest, being resentful and jealous, being captured in the cage of lust and hunger and so by selling our soul at the hands of greed, no one is harmed, no one except us. Our self and our heart start to be rusted. Impurities like selfishness and senselessness make our character hollow and we……in the struggle to move ahead of all in the race of life leave behind our reality, our self. When being stricken get down then are supposed to look back, supposed to return towards our truth, supposed to take out our Yousuf from the well, supposed to free him from the prison and give him the crown. Then we understand that how much we have travelled but the whole journey was a deception, a ruse.”

“To search and find our Yousuf, is very important in life if anyone understands. The process of transformation from a man to a human is not easy. There will be wolves standing on each single step and ready to tear apart your Yousuf. At every place, filths wrapped with lust and greed will be interested to buy your Yousuf. Protect your Yousuf, never lose him no matter what will happen”.

Thought of the Day: Dealing with Trials

Allah loves you.

He loves you more than 70 times ammi loves you.

He wants that you be free of sin and strong in imaan. And When Allah wants you to learn He will create a ground for that. Sometimes it’s a dear friend who has ditched you, sometimes it’s an angry spouse, sometimes He gives you hard parents, sometimes He gives you a stubborn child, sometimes He makes ways to reject your visa application for no genuine reason, sometimes He will fail you in your astrophysics exams only to have your repentence in His court, only to have your cries and servility of being Muslim. Only to make you learn.

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said,

“If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.

(Sahih Bukhari)

Only so that in times of trials, tests and tribulations you learn to only turn to Him. No matter what.

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
(Jam’a Tirmidhi)

Walk to Him, turn to Him, crawl to Him, cry in front of Him.

Don’t be silent to Him.

For even if you do, He still listens to your hushed tones since He is nearer to you than your jugular vein.

Ya Muqallibul qulubi thabbit qalbi ‘alaa deenik, ameen.

A Letter to my Friend – Trusting Allah SWT

This article has been published in “The Intellect” magazine’s December January 2016 volume.

Read the original here.

Dear Friend,

And He found you lost and guided [you].

(Suratu Dhuhaa: 7)

I watched you as you wiped out your flowing tears. I don’t know what have caused these, I hope that I can be of some help to you. I know how you are carrying the weight of the baggage of life. It hurts me and I pray for you. We all are linked someway in the most common essence like a pendulum motion swaying to and fro. Being gay when we move towards one side and getting woo-ed as we move to the other.

I know showing patience like you do is remarkable, but my dear in these dark nights the morning rays promise to shine each day. We just have to keep our faith intact. Hard bound faith as Prophet Yaqub AS showed when Prophet Jonah A.S was away from him. Do we have those kinds of grieves ? I don’t know. I just hope that you stay strong in the face of the world. That you be the representation of the character of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH when he endured the hardships occurred in the valley of Taif. I know this life irritates you too much.

But I can state what Allah states in His divine book;

Your Lord has not taken leave of you, [O Muhammad], nor has He detested [you].

(Suratu Dhuhaa: 3)

It consoles me a great deal and it should to you, as well. I listen to you silently as you take heaves of sighs but believe me when darkness is shed, only light peeps in. It’s going to be better if it cannot be excellent.

As Asma Hussein writes;

“Better because God doesn’t leave the believers to themselves even for the blink of an eye. Better because He is the Wali, close friend and protector, of the believers. Better because everything He plans for us is to strengthen us and push us to stand up and walk forward with faith confidence.”

 Because He says;

And the Hereafter is better for you than the first [life].

(Suratu Dhuhaa: 4)

And Because;

And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.

(Suratu Dhuhaa: 5)

O our Wali and omnipotent, shed away the darkness of our sins from us and subject us to true serenity of your love and mercy. Allahumma ameen.

Thought of The Day: Understanding Mujahida

She walks gingerly to the glass table and tries to lift it up.

No A No! Don’t do that!” I yelled abruptly fearing the absolute occurrence of a dangerous attempt.

That’s my usual statement to my 3 year old niece.

Even with my periodic interruptions, she does not seem to care and be surprised. Does not seem to be touched at all. She would steadily walk and enact the same thing after few seconds of pause without fear and resistance no matter how hard it is; as if dodging me, again and again.

This is remarkable, is not it?

How does she do that?

I often think how special this quality is. That’s the thing Allah SWT wants from us. To move in His path for the ‘amar bil maroof to make the nahi ‘anil munkar possible. It’s hard as we grow old, for we are tired of the verbal jabs, judgmental stares, non verbal expressions, hostile treatment and insurmountable peer pressure. It’s easy to go with the flow of the provided tantrums, it’s difficult to go against the tides. But I always think Allah SWT wanted Moses to cross the sea and thus He bestowed Him with the courage to walk in the sea, and the utmost trust won him and his nation’s refuge. By Allah! Is He in whose name we live. It’s He who puts in us His own trust that we have nothing to hold on except Him.

His trust. Our imaan.

Allah wants me to be like A.

She’s small in every possible dimension, however she is so strong in her moral. Strethened. Determined. Passionate. (So what if that’s in the most naughtiest tasks she do? :p)

It’s like I have found another mentor to confide in.

He said; La Tahzan!

This poem has been published in “The Intellect” magazine’s December January 2016 volume. Read the original here.

In the tunnel,

I tread,

Strong and up,

Bold and confident,

The darkness that unfolds,

Its mysteries to me

Toiling hard,

Labouring still,

The bats running …

All the time,

Past me,

Dangling us to the monsters and fears,

Of our past,

In the present,

Hovering on the future.

I see the light,

At the end

Why it seems so far?

Why cannot I see it…

From high atop?

O Rabb!

Where be thee?

Look inside

Says He,

I am here.

For I am always…

With the believers!

La tahzan!

Said the archangel,

I merrily,

Looked at him,

He said; “don’t worry”,

O Nafsul mutmainna! O  peaceful soul!

Enter in the kingdom of thy Lord mercy!

How gay, how gay!

I so became!

For travelling in the tunnel,

Does not matter now!

I see the light,

From high atop,

I look inside ,

And find Him,

All the time,

With me.

-Written By: Namra Khurshid

I Grieve.

Written By: Yasmin Mogahed

I lifted my head

Once more

Only to see

The sun had set,

The trees had slept,

And they’d all gone home

I grieve.

The sky that was clear

is now covered with fog.

My path, I no longer see.

Why try…when it’s all so gray?

I grieve.

Today I grieve

For what’s been lost.

My forgotten people,

still on their knees

before a snow god in spring

I grieve.

They’ve forgotten that prayer

And to whom they should call.

The Essence replaced

by mundane ritual,

empty symbols.

Their hearts… so tired,

jaded and worn

I grieve.

We are a people

defeated…but not conquered.

And somehow

I feel my blood return.

I will stand.

I will try.

And from beyond my grief,

I will see…

There are a people you can’t enslave.

A loyalty…you can’t buy.

For a land may be occupied…

but never a soul.

From beyond my tears

I’ll understand…

Today my people weep.

But tomorrow…Death will die,

as their tears give birth to a land

where…“on them shall be no fear

nor shall they grieve” (2:262).